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In 2000, Ina Mar created her first experimental series called "Lightcurves", where she transformed the body into a landscape through lighting effects and the use of accessory objects. Since 2001, she has been exploring the notion of metamorphosis and transforming the representational into abstract through lighting effects, shooting techniques, photomanipulation and other methods. In this passion for metamorphosis, Ina Mar mixes themes and genres; she transforms a sculpture into a painting, a representational photo into an abstract drawing, a woman's breast into a sunny hill.

She said: "I am a follower of so-called "plastic" photography, i.e, photography that disengages the image from its documentary dimension and imbues the objects or events represented in the image with new form and meaning. The shot, with regard to its technical details, must be taken in such a way that it best serves this transformation".

Her favorite subjects are; the human body; abstract forms which she sees not only in landscapes, and everyday objects. She is also interested in sculptures of architectural objects; cultural and historical themes (in particular genocide).

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