The North South Aspects of International Justice and the International Criminal Court


The seminar to be held under the auspices of Africa Legal Aid (AFLA) on "The North South Aspects of International Justice and the International Criminal Court" is one of the many initiatives by AFLA to 1) Increase the effectiveness of international justice and the newly established International Criminal Court (ICC); and 2) Increase cooperation between various actors including Government, Law Enforcement Agencies, and Civil Society Groups from African and Northern countries in their efforts to investigate and prosecute international crimes, including those under the ICC Statute.

Participants include high-level Government Officials; African Ambassadors from The Hague, Brussels, among others; high-level officials of the ICC; Academics; Human Rights Practitioners and Members of the Civil Society Groups from Africa and elsewhere. The list includes policy makers and politicians from the Netherlands and neighboring countries as well as officials from the European Union.


In addition to the substantive discussion, the Seminar will also provide a platform for fostering cooperation between Northern and Southern stakeholders in an effort to increase effective implementation of international justice and the ICC.


AFLA's efforts to strengthen implementation and increase ratification of the ICC Statute will continue with a next Pan African meeting focusing on Engaging the Islamic Community, to be held in Morocco in July 2005.


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