Conference : South Caucasus - between frozen conflicts and frozen peace


This area is one of the most complex and conflict-prone

regions of the former Soviet Union. Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia; as

well as the disputed areas of Abkhazia, South Ossetia and

Nagorno-Karabakh are home to a true patchwork of ethnic and religious groups.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union this has caused several complex and long lasting conflicts. Furthermore the democratisation process in these country's is bothered by the everlasting strong influence form Russia in this region. There are however also a few positive developments. Azerbaijan and Armenian have taken the first steps towards a peace process, and since the Rose Revolution of 2003 Georgia tries to outwrestle herself  - with a fresh national awareness-  of the Russian sphere of influence.


The evening is mainly organised around two themes: the freedom of press and expression in the South Caucasus, and the relation Caucasian Countries have with Russia.


With: Akaki Gogichaishvili (Producer from Rustavi 2 - Georgia), Boris Navasardian ( President of Yerevan Press Club - Armenia) and Arif Aliyev (Editor in Chief of the Gun, daily newspaper in Azerbaijan).


Moving Worlds is an initiative of the debalie in co-production with NCDO.

This evening is also in co-production with Press Now, Mira Media and Media diversity Institute.


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