Children are dying in Sri Lanka


Current date of 14th of August 2006 according to the Dutch sources ( and International source ( a very shocking news came from through the channels of LTTE to the international media. After 4 years in peace now 63 school children died due to a bombing of the government soldiers. Please read the article at for more details.

15th of August the UNICEF representative Joanna van Gerten went to visit the place of bombarment in Mullaitheevu district and confirmed that it was 61 school children who were the victims of this air strike and she was devasted by the range of bloody and mental damage it has caused the district people.

Once again what we can conclude from this situation is that children are dieing in Sri Lanka due to the war, before this war, they got orphaned through the natural disaster Tsunami and even before that the children were the true victims of civil war in Sri Lanka.

We, at Siva for Kids Foundation are awaiting for a peaceful solution for both parties so that we as NGO can go on with our unfinished work in the northern pennsylvania of Sri Lanka as soon possible. We hope that the international committees finally see the facts that we would not be able to fight poverty in any third world countries if we keep awaiting for the war to stop by itself.

The Ceo and founder, U.K. Sivanathan, hope that international peace interested organizations and countries step out and find a peaceful solution before more children dies due to the civil war in Sri Lanka.