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Our vision is about a better Africa and a better future for Africans living all over the world. We believe the development of Africa will benefit from a new partnership between Africans worldwide. We believe the position of Africans in the West will depend largely on their ability to organize themselves collectively.
We see a future whereby the voices of the African Diaspora are heard and their perspectives are recognized and valued; an African Diaspora that is indispensable and seen as the vital link throughout Africa and the development community.


Our mission is:
- To mobilize Africans in the Netherlands urging them to actively participate in the Dutch society as well as take a greater role in, and bear greater responsibility for the development of Africa.
- To build a stronger partnership between the African Diaspora and our stakeholders in the Netherlands and internationally.



Internship Press Release, 15 March 2006

As part of the services provided by Afroneth, the foundation has officially given internship opportunities to the following students; Lamin Daramy, Ngiruwonsanga Jean Paul,Francis Chukwuocha, and Foday Conteh. The internship will last for a period of twenty weeks.

During the course of these weeks, they will be carrying out practical assignments to incorporate theoretical knowledge acquired. We hope to give them a first hand experience of their various disciplines.


Afroneth Priorities 2006

In 2006, Afroneth will focus its activities on three priorities including community mobilisation, development policy watch, Diaspora peace building and governance initiatives.


Project development/acquisition                                                                  


Youth in Development and Peace Community mobilisations for Enschede/Overijssel, Amsterdam Zuidoost, Den Haag, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Great Lakes Region Organisation. We will conduct community leadership meetings and consultative workshops  
Capacity building support services for 10 partner organisations in The Netherlands
Diaspora peace building and Governance Initiatives - pilot projects (Burundi, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Uganda)
Expert meetings and promoting African Diaspora professionals. Expert meetings will focus on: I) trade and investment and wealth creation in Africa, II) Financial resource mobilisation (Africa Diaspora Fund), III) Entrepreneurship promotion, IV) Peace building and Governance
Development policy discussion and commentary
Diaspora Entrepreneurship promotion
International relations: African civil society consultation

Collaborative projects/activities


In addition to these activities, Afroneth will work together with partner organisations to develop concrete project and solicit funding for the following joint projects:


Afro-Euro Trade and Investment Fair, June 2006 (  
African Diaspora Fund in collaboration with CODIBU, Afristar Financial Services, Iskaashi, SENSE and MRC
Heineken Burundi/Nederland Peace Consumer Association
Larpnard West Africa Network in collaboration with Larenstein University of Professional Education (
Mentorship Project in collaboration with COS Overijssel 
Sierra Leone Investment Conference in collaboration with Africa Recruit
Youth Internship project in collaboration with Oikos, Hogeschool Utrecht and Tadessa Nega College and Ethiopia
building in collaboration with West Africa Youth Network and the Open Society for West Africa (
African Diaspora Summit 2006, in collaboration with other partner organisations
Let's meet Africa festival May 22-23(