Evenementen van Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation

Think climate smart landscapes

Climate Change is impacting our landscapes, action is needed now! During this international short course, you will learn about the landscape approach, climate trends and adaptation actions to increase the resilience of your landscapes and its people. We will provide you with practical and participatory tools, which allow you to assess the vulnerabilities of your […]

Inclusive aquaculture development (fellowships available)

International short course on Inclusive aquaculture development 2019 Fellowships available Small-scale aquaculture producers can access inputs, improve productions and connect successfully with more profitable markets using collective actions. This course will focus on empowerment and professionalisation of fish farmers’ business organisations, with responsible and inclusive growth of the aquaculture sector as the main objective. Practical […]

International course: Rural entrepreneurship

Rural entrepreneurship has the potential to drive innovations that can reduce poverty, increase access to food and create employment. For this to happen, actors in agrifood value chains need to trust each other. However, local agrifood value chains are almost always characterised by protectionist behaviour resulting in very high marketing costs and a stalemate, instead […]

International course: Integrated Pest Management and Food Safety

Public and private standards for pesticide residues have become stricter than ever before. Pesticide residues exceeding the maximum residue limits can hamper trade between upcoming economies and the EU. Implementation of Integrated Pest Management is necessary to minimize pesticide applications. But while there are plentiful technical solutions, the application of Integrated Pest Management is still […]

International Course: Integrated Seed Sector Development

  Integrated seed sector development (ISSD) is an approach aiming to increase farmers’ access to quality seed through the development of market-oriented, pluralistic and vibrant seed sectors. In this course participants learn how to design demand driven interventions tailored to specific crops, value chains and seed systems. In this course participants can broaden their international […]

International course: Horticulture sector development for emerging markets

Current developments in emerging economies offer new opportunities for the horticulture sector. To seize these opportunities, a transition to a more professional sector is required. Enhanced value chain management and stakeholder collaboration play a vital role and are addressed during this course. This course gives access to the latest insights of world leading Dutch knowledge […]

International Course: Evaluating and managing for sustainable development impact

The development landscape has changed significantly over the last few decades, becoming increasingly complex. Many of the issues we face today, such as climate change, poverty and conflict, call for a new way of doing business, so as to collaboratively contribute towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Managing for Sustainable Development Impact (M4SDI) approach […]

International course: Managing risk in the face of climate change

The steady increase in climate related disasters such as floods, cyclones, storm surges and drought have increased the exposure and vulnerability of communities, their livelihoods, physical infrastructure and economic networks. An increasing hazard risk results in higher human and economic losses from disaster events. Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) and Disaster Risk Management (DRM) both aim […]

Course for professionals: Milking to potential

Worldwide dairy sectors are challenged by expanding populations and economic growth. Growing demand for dairy has led to a significant increase in public-private involvement to new opportunities for stakeholders. This course will enable participants in designing and implementing dairy development strategies in emerging economies. Upon completion of the course participants will: – have a clear […]

International short course: Competing claims land, water and other (agricultural) resources

Van 26 februari om 0:00 t/m 9 maart 2018 om 23:59 The overall aim of the course programme is to contribute to sustainable natural resources management by building capacity of midcareer professionals in the NRM sector to manage conflicts over natural resources. The specific learning objectives are to become capable to: 1. contextualise and apply […]

International (short)course: Climate change adaptation in food security and natural resource management

Van 12 februari om 0:00 t/m 23 februari 2018 om 23:59 Course objectives – Participants of this course will have full understanding of climate change adaptation concepts; – They are able to effectively and meaningfully contribute to the debate on climate change adaptation, either in the policy process and/or in providing knowledge to the policy […]

International (short)course: Rights based approach to food and nutrition security

Van 5 februari om 0:00 t/m 16 februari 2018 om 23:59 Upon completion of this course you will: – have new insights about concepts and principles on human rights-based approach, Right to Food, Food and Nutrition Security and their interrelationships; – understand the role of right holders, duty bearers and accountability agents and their main […]