Course objectives
– Participants of this course will have full understanding of climate change adaptation concepts;
– They are able to effectively and meaningfully contribute to the debate on climate change adaptation, either in the policy process and/or in providing knowledge to the policy process.
– They will strengthen their positions in these processes on the basis of newly acquired concepts, skills and methodologies.

What themes will be covered in the course?
– understanding climate change (concepts such as adaptation and mitigation, causes and risks) and implications for food security, agriculture and natural resource management;
– concepts and assessment of vulnerability, resilience, coping strategies and sustainable development processes;
– climate smart agriculture and natural resource management;
– examples of adaptation strategies to climate change;
– policy making processes, advocacy and integrating climate change issues into existing policy processes and rural development strategies.

Target audience
Applicants should have a relevant tertiary education, and at least three years of professional experience in a relevant field like policy development in agriculture, natural resource management or sustainable development. Competence in the English language is required.

Practical information
Price: 3,500 euro
Date: 12 – 23 February 2018
Deadline: 18 December 2017
Deadline KOP (NFP): 18 October 2017 (for a fellowship opportunity)
Location: Uganda