SIVA4KIDS Charity Cup Rotterdam 2006


European Football Tournament
S4K Charity Cup is 7a side European Football Tournament, which will follow the international rules during the matches. The targetgroup is for the time being mainly European youngsters who have roots in Sri Lanka and same time giving other nationalities to participate on the participating teams in limited conditions. The purpose behind this addtional requlations is "intergration", which stimulate the youngsters to play together with youngsters from other culture and religion.

Teams & Integration
This tournament is being organized by for the first time in The Netherlands, where every team may have max. 10 players, boys-team may have 1 player, girls-team may have 3 players and kids-team may have have also 3 players, who's roots can be from another nationality, culture, race or religion.

Fundraise & Developement
The core concept behind this charity cup is to raise funds during the activity through entree, foods, drinks and other articles of where the 100% of the profit will used to realize projects regarding children in Sri Lanka for war affected and tsunami affected victims.

Support us
We hope that you will support our sportive way of raising funds to help children in third world countries. Come to support and help us to help other children in need.

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