Project PC4KIDS Kotapuli in India


How will this project be realized?
The project should be realized as a Community project of Kootapuli as well as deprived poor people of Tamilnadu. The Community organization is formed in the name of Human Education and Liberation for Poor for establish this training center in accordance and democracy with rural people as per desired.

Who will benefiet from this project?

The Children, Girls and Youths of the Tsunami affected areas such as Kotapuli, Perumanal and near by affected villages of Tirunelveli District, Tamilnadu, South India. They are based on fishing. They are fishing Community. All the other poor students who are not affected by Tsunami will be also benefited by this project without any cost, creed, religious, gender, origin, etc.

Development plan
The educational facilities has been requested by local community themself. It is not something Siva for Kids Foundation has pushed - the ownership & location for the trainning centre is locally founded. The donation is a small one-off donation which will ensure a good environment for learning and progress for the children.