Oproep: Formation of Grassroots Caucus

Door: OneWorld
Bron: OneWorld South Asia

We quote from the WSIS document:

 "We recognize and acknowledge the special and specific funding needs of the developing world, which faces numerous challenges in the ICT sector, and that there is strong need to focus on their special financing needs to achieve the development goals of the Millennium Declaration."   WSIS policy document , chapter 2, Point 22. 

  "We recognize the existence of the digital divide and the challenges that this poses for many countries, which are forced to chose between many competing objectives in their development planning and in demands for development funds whilst having limited resources." WSIS policy document , chapter 2, Point 19.

You would agree decisions on financial mechanisms require good understanding of the problems impeding the ICT sector in developing countries. Organisations representing grassroots can state the problems faced by the grassroots communities in a manner that the investments in ICTs could also benefit the disadvantaged. There are several crucial areas where grassroots organizations must have their say including the important deliberations as financial mechanisms.   To ensure equal stakeholder participation through the WSIS policy dialogue process OneWorld South Asia proposes the formation of Grassroots Caucus.
Interested Organisations Representing Grassroots Concerns may Please

Members of Grassroots Caucus will together voice their concerns on the WSIS policy dialogue and give their inputs through discussions among its members and also through active participation at PreCom 3 and WSIS II.

"Lets Voice our Concerns, as these decisions would affect Grassroots communities"

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