MUSIC4KIDS CD Launch Party


After a small flashback through the video presentation of the projects of all the attention was given to the CD LAUNCH ceremony, which started with a presentation of all the artists and their biographies. Thereafter the word was given to the special guest of the afternoon, the Sri Lankan Ambassador, madam J. Dean, who came specially to honor the outstanding work of the young artists for MUSIC4KIDS Album and their noble cause in cooperation with

The Sri Lankan Ambassador also took the opportunity to thank all the volunteers, the supporters and Siva for Kids Foundation for the successful projects in the worst tsunami affected area in Sri Lanka, which contributed to help 722 children of Sri Lanka for a better future. She also added that she was proud of seeing that young people from different cultures and nationalities are joining to make a big different on the world of tomorrow. After the official speech, the Sri Lankan ambassador gave the first albums to the artists who were present on the afternoon.

The artists took the opportunity to thank Siva for Kids Foundation to provide them the chance to show their talent on a meaningful project and they will be always ready for any call of for a next edition of MUSIC4KIDS Album in the future. Hereafter the guests who were there bought the first samples of the music4kids album to support the kids in third world countries. (You can also view here on the picture 2 of the mega stars and well known in the international music industry, Thomas (right) and Nav (left) from the boy band BOMBAY ROCKERS who also contributed with a single called "Bring your girlfriend" for this unique project. Other artist and known personalities who have already supported the goal and mission of Siva for Kids Foundation are:  Padma Shri Hariharan, a very respected personality of Indian classical music and  play back singer of Indian films industry and Martin Joergensen, who is a professional (Fiorentina) football personality of Denmark.)

Hereafter the party went on till 23.00hours as scheduled. You can view some of the party snapshots here and some of the supporters who already bought this unique music for kids album.