Internship opportunities


Students Internship Program

 This program aims at developing cooperation between Afroneth, Universities and other institutions of higher education in the Netherlands. The core idea is that research, project ideas and advice by young intellectual Africans is made available to organizations involved in the development of Africa be they NGO's, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, corporations and other stakeholders. Students are also invited to contribute to debates or expert meetings.

Lamini Daramy tells his experience


My tasks as an intern at the Afroneth foundation, includes one of the priorities in 2006 for Afroneth. Which is Community Mobilization. It is an area of great concern, which justifies Afroneth relentless effort in helping African youths in the Diasporas to manage and utilize their talents.


Along side with this, they help African youths who feel institutionalized to get integrated into the Dutch society. As difficult as it is, Afroneth help facilitate such programs.


As a Communication intern with Public Relations major, I also play a pivotal role in developing appropriate communication and marketing activities to promote youth talents and creativity. To foster good relation with youth organizations, I also contribute to develop their long-term goals.


In order to prevent myself from getting filled with unrealistic expectations, my area of function is mainly focused on Overijssel youth organizations. By virtue of my communications background, I am to seek media attention for Afroneth youth development activities in Overijssel.


With all the experiences I have acquired within this short period of time, it has given me a glimpse of what to expect when I am fully prepared for the job market. Thanks to Afroneth for this opportunity.