African Perspectives on International Criminal Justice


The various contributions describe and critically analyse the main features and functioning of international bodies such as the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) and the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the semi-international Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL). In addition, the role of national courts exercising universal jurisdiction and local forms of justice such as the Rwandan gacaca system are addressed. The work of these courts and bodies is viewed and evaluated from an African perspective. To what extent do they bring nearer the day that no African leader can claim immunity and enjoy impunity? Do the various courts have sufficient regard for African norms and values, for example, where gender crimes are concerned? Does international criminal justice address issues of real and practical significance to Africa? Why have certain offences, which have particular resonance in Africa, such as the crime of apartheid not attracted prosecution under Universal Jurisdiction? Given the economic and political dominance of the North, can international law contribute to justice in the South? Should the exercise of universal jurisdiction by Northern courts over crimes committed in the South be viewed as a welcome contribution to justice or, as some claim, a form of judicial imperialism?


A single, univocal answer to such questions does not exist, but the articles contained in this volume do demonstrate that all those supporting justice for and in Africa, should never stop asking the pertinent question of whether universal norms and solutions concerning human rights and justice suit the specific needs of Africa and its people.


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