AFrican Media Forum


Although it has taking nearly two years to have this Association materialized, the inauguration of the first executive officials of the African Media Forum (AMF) shall take place on Saturday 8th July 2006 at the Haggai Activity Centre, Amsterdam.

Prior to the swearing in ceremony, a media training programme shall be held at the same venue on 7th July 2006 starting from till 5.00p.m.


Season media practitioners from the Dutch media are being invited to give workshops in the specific media areas covering newspaper, magazine, radio, and television and internet media.


Elections to key positions in the Executive council of the African Media Forum would be held on Saturday 8th July at 1.00p.m; results would be announced after the vote counts and a swearing-in ceremony for the elected officers shall follow with light reception at 4p.m. on the same day at the same venue.

It is important to note that all African media Practitioners in the Netherlands are eligible to vie for any of these positions on the Executive council as listed below:- President, Vice President, Secretary General, Assistant Secretary-General, Financial Secretary, Publicity Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations Officer and Treasurer.


All African media practitioners in the Netherlands are invited to this history making event which would definitely change the face of African Media practitioners in the Netherlands. This event has been made possible with the financial support of Oxfam/Novib Netherlands, Free Voice, Mira Media and Afroneth.

On the same occasion, a list of media organizations would be presented with special media awards and recognition for their contributions to the development and advancement of the African media in the Netherlands.

For details, please kindly e-mail us at or 06-23210377 (Elvis Iruh) or 06-198128281 (Bruno Fon)