African festival


10th anniversary !!!

Lets Meet Africa (LMA) is an African festival that celebrates its tenth anniversary on May 13 and May 14, 2006. The festival takes place in the Beursgebouw, located in the centre of Eindhoven, near the central station.

Lets Meet Africa is more than just a festival. It is a meeting place for people who feel related to or are interested in Africa and its culture. The festival attracts an increasing number of visitors every year. There is also a growing interest from abroad and local business.

Lets Meet Africa originates from the idea to show a different Africa than the one we usually see on television and in other media. Lets Meet Africa wants to portray a different view, not strange, exotic and poverty stricken, but with pride and a fascinating culture. It all started in 1996. More and more Africans came to Holland and interacted with the Dutch society. This initially created an interest in for instance African Djembé music, a demand for African goods and awareness of African culture. Let Meet Africa wants to be a raise this awareness to the next level, where Africa is no longer a curiosity but an integral part of society. A festival with a message: "Whenever people from different cultures look at each other, they should see no boundaries, but simply the person behind the face."


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Stg. Lets Meet Africa,             

Marconilaan 4                           

5621 AA, Eindhoven

The Netherlands


tel.: +31-40-2111330 / +31-40-2569730 / +31-6-22185775

fax:  +31-40-2240969




Lets Meet Africa is supported and sponsored by: Gemeente Eindhoven , NCDO,

GWK Moneygram, AfroNeth, Beursgebouw, Cordaid, City Dynamiek, Stg. Urban Life,

New Born Artists, Jansen-Naninck en Rabobank Eindhoven.


Lets Meet Africa program


LMA Main Stage - with shows of national and internationally renowned artists. Lets Meet Africa takes pride in putting together a quality and diverse program, with some new faces and familiar ones with new treats.

Saturday May 13: Bantaba Ballet - Dzidzolie - Fourth Angel & Strawl - Minyeshu & Chewata ft. Saleshe Damessae

Sunday May 14: Tribal Touch  - Rod & The Honest Movement - Ziggi - The Revival Okapi


Urban Life Talent Stage - for the first time in its history Lets Meet Africa features a second stage. The Talent Stage is organized by Urban Life youth organisation. New talent is given the opportunity to perform for a major audience. 'Urban' is mainly associated with Hip Hop, R&B en Rap, with gives 'Urban' African 'roots', because all the music styles originate in Africa.


Tourist Plaza - introduced in 2005, takes a next step. Tourism in Africa is booming. More and more travel agencies specialize in trips to the African mainland. The Tourist Plaza hosts a number of these organisations.


Art Expo - new at Lets Meet Africa. The Art Expo is located at the first floor of the Beursgebouw.  een expositie ingericht door Afrikaanse kunstenaars met moderne kunst.


Percussion school - Intermezzo presents 'world percussion music workshops'.

The Djembé percussion instrument is extremely popular for a number of years. You will find the Djembé everywhere - at specialized schools, company parties, festivals and other events. Djembé music has even risen into the pop music charts, with recent successes of the group 'Treble', who are also representing Holland in this years' Eurovision song contest. Everybody is invited to join the percussion school at Lets Meet Africa; people can bring their own instrument. Two days of fun and togetherness.


Food Plaza -  food and drinks are served from various African countries. What would you think of a portion of fried locus with garlic sauce for a change?


Kids Plaza - Energizing Bambale! This years' theme for the Kids Plaza is "energy".

Children can make their own toys, like windmills and join in a cycling match. New solar energy products are demonstrated. As in previous years, children are introduced to alternative African toys. Bambale's main focus this year is a project about alternative energy for the Congo region in Africa. The rain forest suffers tremendously because of the vast amount of trees that are cut down.


Arab living room - The living room is a recurring theme at Lets Meet Africa. Sections of the Beursgebouw are decorated in native African styles, modern and traditional. This years' Arab living room has a Moroccan flavor. A place to sit back and enjoy a cup of mint tea, listen to Darbuka players and see traditional dancers.


Kenian living room - Just follow the scent of delicious Kenian coffee and enter the world of East-African hospitality. Picture yourself at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro and take part in a traditional coffee ceremony!