Projectmanager - Marketing Communication
Projectmanager - Marketing Communication
  • Utrecht, Netherlands
  • 2 februari 2023

A volunteer, adventure and an organizer.  That’s me! I have been active as a volunteer for several years for different organisation. And the national border never stopped me! For instance, I drove the Amsterdam-Dakar Challenge for charity. I would love to apply this energy and experience of my in my career. I want that what I do means something to someone else. And that can be in various areas, such as poverty reduction or sustainability.

I am driven by creating impact and adding value. Not just for a company but for society. I’m a creator, organizer and people person. Tell me our goal and I make sure we’ll get there. I do this by finding out and understanding what lies behind a question, acting determinate and connecting people. Together this is how we get tangible result. ‘Getting things done’ is my engine and that is what sets me part!



Master of Science - Communication & Informationscience @ Tilburg University
jan 2016 — apr 2017

During this master I followed several courses within the track Business Communication and Digital Media: webcare, social media marketing, advertising & persuasion, online marketing, interactive visualization and social media at work. Moreover, I followed the research skills analysis of variance and web analytics.

I finished my master by writing my thesis on the topic sponsorship disclosures in vlogs. More specific, I investigated the effects of disclosure modality and disclosure timing on brand evaluation, persuasion knowledge and vlogger credibility in the context of a vlog.

Minor - Business Administration @ Bifröst University - Iceland
aug 2014 — dec 2014

I decided to do my minor abroad in order to gain more knowledge about different cultures. Moreover, I wanted to experience living and studying abroad. I studied from august till december at Bifröst University in Iceland. The courses were very diverse: Arctic Politics, Negotiation & Sales Management, Icelandic Language, Business Ethics and International Business.

HBO - Bachelor of Arts - Advanced Business Creation @ Avans University of Applied Science
aug 2011 — jul 2015

Advanced Business Creation trains students to become creative and innovative marketeers and business developers. During my ABC study career I followed several courses for example: marketing, business, creating thinking, branding, scenario planning and cross media. During the third year I did an internship at the headquarters of Comedy Central. For my thesis I had do develop a concept for a new service for X-Ingredient. This new service was focused on Virtual Reality.


Projectmanager @ Natwerk
aug 2022 — dec 2021

Natwerk is the most sensational agency in the Netherlands. We come up with solutions for our clients' problems. We make our target audience to talk about our campaigns.
As projectmanager I was responsible for setting up a whole new workflow for the largest account of Natwerk. I created the processes, templates, budgets, plannings etc. Moreover, I was responsible for the whole operational process and for all deliverables. I was the first point of call for the client.

Consultant Communication - Projectmanager @ BBK - Door Vriendschap Sterker
dec 2021 — aug 2022

BBK Door Vriendschap Sterker is a communication agency focused on creating a better world. They are B-Corp certified!
We were all focused on using communication for the 'force of good'.
I was responsible for government focused projects, mainly for Rijkswaterstaat and RVO These were longterm projects and with complex material. Few examples:
I wrote the communicationplan for the new saving energie measurements which were introduced by the government to companies.
I wrote the communicationplan for the rennovation of one of the oldest high ways in the Netherlands.
With this job I learned a lot about government communication. Besides the work as consultant I was also responsible for planning and budget.

Volunteer Projectmanager @ Stichting Hand to Hand
mei 2021 — Huidig

Stichting Hand to Hand has one purpose: to realise and maintain projects which improve the wellbeing of people in Gambia. For the stichting I run my own project: Girls Can Do Anything. With this project I collected money to finance the study for young woman in Gambia. I organised different fundraising activities. In 2021 I went to Gambia to meet the woman and to donate the money to the universities. In 2022 I participated in the Amsterdam-Dakar challenge for the same project and went by car from Amsterdam all the way to Gambia.
The first woman we helped just graduated!

Brandmanager @ Babboe
nov 2020 — dec 2021

Babboe is a world know cargo bike brand. My responsibilities were very broad.
As Brand Manager for Babboe Pro I was responsible for building this new Pro brand. I did this by creating and guarding the strategy, setting up partnerships, creating and monitoring marketing campaigns etc.
Moreover, I was also responsible for all the video productions, photographics, briefing external parties to create content and setting up the resellermarketing.

Consultant Marketing & Communication @ Station10
aug 2017 — jul 2019

The landscape of media is changing fast. Station10 helps media companies with change management.
At Station10 I was working on several projects, with my main responsibility the marketing and communication parts of these projects. A few examples:
- I helped writing a B2B marketingplan for a radio company. This plan was part of a transition plan and focused on a new and strong market position.
- I created the communication for a new innovation department at a broadcasting company. The goal of the communication was creating a smooth implementation of the department.
- For a transformation project I was responsible the for internal communication. Creating support and trust among the employee was my main challenge.

All these projects were C-level. Therefore, I gained a lot of stakeholder management experience as well as project management skills.

Board member / volunteer Marketing & Communication @ Ruilwinkel Oss
jun 2017 — dec 2020

Ruilwinkel Oss is an charity organisation with main objective to reduce poverty. It is a place where people can bring stuff which they don't use anymore. In return for this they receive points which they can use again to 'buy' stuff from the store.
I was as board member marketing communication responsible for the e-mail marketing and the website.

E-mail marketeer @ Bobmail Nederland
mrt 2016 — apr 2017

Bobmail is a small but ambitious e-mailmarketing company in the Netherlands. It has its own e-mailmarketing platform in which clients can create their own campaigns.

At Bobmail I was responsible for the e-mail marketing of 20 of our clients. Each client had a specific objective to start working with e-mailmarketing. Based on my experience and knowledge I advised them about the best way to communicate their message/story via e-mail marketing and accomplish their objective. Each month I developed new concepts and created a new customized e-mail campaign for each client. Moreover, I was responsible for creating and implementing a new onboarding process in which the first Brainstorm with new clients was the key. In the new proces the brainstorm session was described in such a way that more internal people were capable to do the brainstorm.

Member Premaster & Master Commission @ Study Association Flow
sep 2015 — sep 2016

For future graduated Communication and Information Science students, it is important to be aware of your opportunities on the labor market. Nevertheless, it is also important that you know how you can be an added value in the labor market. It is the task of the Premaster and Master Committee to help the students with orientating the labor market. A sneak preview will be given into the business world by organizing seminars, a company visit, a job application training and many other activities.

Account Intern @ X-Ingredient
jan 2015 — jul 2015

Graduation internship. Durint this internship I combined writing my thesis and working at the account department.

As intern account manager I was responsible for the process of creating activation campaigns for clients such as Bavaria, Mars and Philips. It was my job to translate the wishes of my client into a detailed briefing which the creative department could use to develop the campaign.

During this internship I developed a new Virtual Reality service, which X-Ingredient could offer to their client in the FMGC sector. The VR service made it possible for the clients to create a new level of experience for the consumers on the topic of corporate social responsibility. For example they could share their company story/vision around CSR with the VR service which create a new level of engagement.

Marketing Intern @ Viacom International Media Networks - Comedy Central
aug 2013 — jan 2014

During this internship I was assisting the Marketing Manager with both on-air and off-air marketing activities. Moreover:
- Active role in planning- of (on air) promotional content
- Contact person for questions from viewers
- Responsible for keeping the Teletext pages up-to-date
- Liaise with other areas of the company & participate in team meetings
- All round assistance Marketing Department and support at events
- Other opportunities as assigned

During this internship I investigated how Comedy Central could gain the brand position of comedy specialist in the Netherlands. Based on market research and a survey with the consumers I wrote a report/plan in which I advised Comedy Central Netherlands to start building an app in which they could engage with their customers on a next level.

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