Graduate Student
  • AMSTERDAM, Netherlands
  • 12 februari 2023

My name is Kata Nandorfi, and I am pleased to join the One World platform. I am an honors student at Amsterdam University College studying sociology and international relations and expect to graduate in June of 2023. My studies as well as my work experience have encouraged me to engage more actively in human rights and social justice issues. 

I grew up between cultures, having lived in international environments my whole life. Due to my international upbringing, I’ve developed a love for language; I speak English, Hungarian, and French fluently as well as Spanish at an intermediate level. I have recently completed A2 level Dutch and intend on continuing with the B1 level this spring. 

Furthermore, I am enthusiastic, and adaptable and can easily integrate into teams. I am excited to be on the One World platform and look forward to making the new connection!



Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Sciences @ Amsterdam University College
feb 2023 — Huidig

I am currently completing my Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Amsterdam University College and expect to graduate in June 2023. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of my studies, I have learned how to critically think and combine different fields both academically and practically to work toward a well-rounded understanding of the world. Additionally, the international character of my studies has broadened my perspectives and has given me the opportunity to learn from others very different from me. My focus on Sociology combined with International Relations has taken my understanding of social, political, economic, and cultural phenomena to unexpected heights. Furthermore, my studies in combination with my social environment have pushed me to engage in social issues and have encouraged my activism.


Bartender & Salesperson @ Noordwaards
feb 2023 — Huidig

I am currently working at Noordwaards, an up-and-coming event space in the North of Amsterdam. Noordwaards is designed to host a variety of events; from weddings and art exhibits to club nights and concerts. My tasks include token sales, bartending, barback, and running. It is especially exciting to be a part of the Noordwaards team because it gives me the opportunity to access so many different communities and social circles. This environment has strengthened my communication skills and improved my ability to work as a team.

Community Host @ The Social Hub
feb 2023 — mrt 2023

During my time at The Social Hub (TSH), I learned a lot both professionally and personally. TSH provided me with an international and social environment wherein I expanded my network, learned new skills, and gained professional experience. As a community host, I was trusted with a range of responsibilities. My tasks included managing the preparation of meeting and event spaces, and working in different departments, such as in F&B and reception. This has given me experience in both customer service and back-end inventory management. Additionally, TSH allowed me to adapt to a new community and grow as a team and as an individual. I developed enduring professional relations as well as valuable friendships.

Intern @ Amsterdam Alternative
feb 2023 — mrt 2023

I completed an internship at Amsterdam Alternative (AA), a volunteer-based newspaper and organization. During my internship I had a number of responsibilities. My main focus was writing and publishing an article for the Amsterdam Alternative newspaper. I conducted research, interviews, and fieldwork, under the supervision of Ivo Schmetz, one of the core members of the AA team. Moreover, I helped organize and set up for AA events, from discussion groups to club nights. Although my internship officially ended in July 2022, I continue to attend Amsterdam Alternative events and engage with the community. My internship at Amsterdam Alternative further sparked my interest in social justice and inspired my to participate in activist movements in Amsterdam.

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