MSc Cultural Anthropology: Sustainable Citizenship | Intercultural Communication Specialist | Visual Arts
MSc Cultural Anthropology: Sustainable Citizenship | Intercultural Communication Specialist | Visual Arts
  • Utrecht, Netherlands
  • 29 november 2022

Recently graduated MSc Cultural Anthropology: Sustainable Citizenship, cum laude, I am now searching for my first entry-level job, located either in the Netherlands or remotely.

With a passion for environmental justice and sustainable livelihoods, I am interested in ways to work towards a better future. It is important to me to contribute to something good, to learn about sustainable ways of life, and to support initiatives that work to solve issues connected to social inequality and environmental degradation. I am therefore looking to work for an organization that strives to create positive impact - either NGOs, non-profit organizations, or companies that prioritize sustainable or social initiatives.

As an anthropologist, I am driven by curiosity to understand socio-cultural contexts and to make that which is invisible, visible. Through my studies, I have dealt with sustainability as a concept in relation to environmental degradation, climate alteration, rising socioeconomic inequalities, increasing mobility and accelerated change – as well as explored the relationship between citizenship and social sustainability.
But to me, the most important take-away from studying anthropology, is the way you are taught to think. You are taught to see nuances in cases that might otherwise appear one-sided, to ask probing questions rooted in social critique, and to communicate complex issues in precise language. You are taught to network, to manage research projects, to conduct interviews, and to be flexible and open-minded as you navigate the world.

In my work, I am devoted, creative, and eager to explore boundaries of knowledge and experience. I have a background both in Art and in Movement Studies, and I enjoy finding ways to incorporate these skills in current work.



Master's degree @ Utrecht University
sep 2021 — sep 2022

MSc Cultural Anthropology: Sustainable Citizenship

Grade: 8,1
Ethnographic Fieldwork and Thesis: 8,5
Energy, Politics, Infrastructure and Change: 8
Security, Violence and Sovereignty: 8
Sustainability and Social Contestation: 8
Anthropology of Globalization: 7,5
Doing Ethnography: 7,5

Thesis subject: Human-Snow Relations in Kalaallit Nunaat (Greenland), focusing on the agency of nonhuman matter upon human life, as well as influences of the surrounding environment in an Arctic climate, in the light of climate change.

Bachelor's degree @ Aarhus University
sep 2017 — jun 2021

BA of Arts in Social and Cultural Anthropology, with a minor in Philosophy.

Thesis subject: Gender performativity in Danish society, seen through the lenses of movement and performance art and strongly rooted in theory by Judith Butler.


Communications Coordinator (Internship) @ SPEAK Utrecht
apr 2022 — jul 2022

Through tasks in communication, content creation and event management, my role at SPEAK involved work for diversity and inclusion for migrants and refugees in local contexts.

Front of house @ Illulissat Icefjord Centre
feb 2022 — mei 2022

My role at Ilulissat Icefjord Center involved bridging the gap between humans and nature, through knowledge sharing and in-dept conversations with guests.

Peer Reviewer @ Students of Cultural Anthropology Journal
jan 2022 — mei 2022

As a peer reviewer, I was part of a team responsible for reading, evaluating and discussing papers written by fellow students, for publication.

Student Mentor @ Aarhus University
sep 2018 — jun 2019

My role as a mentor included arranging and structuring meetings for a group of students, mapping out useful study techniques and habits, creating the framework for a good student environment, and advising students regarding their education and its progression.

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