• Den Haag, Netherlands
  • 8 februari 2024

I am a Strategic Communications / Public Affairs/ Media Relations / Brands Visibility/ Events Planning and
Management / Humanitarian Action Professional. I have over a decade working experience in different
challenging and organisational roles and particularly in the areas of communication, publicity, events
planning and management in Ghana. I am an enthusiastic, hardworking, honest and creative person and always willing to learn and
take up new challenges. I demonstrate an outstanding dedication to duty with a burning desire not only to excel but also to make a



Chair, Events Committee @ Carifika Global
dec 2023 — Huidig

Responsibility to convene and superintend over Committee Meetings.
Develop Agenda for Committee Meetings.
Set out tasks, daily and monthly activities and what needs to come out of the Committee.
Develop a one-time template for Minutes of Meetings.
Provide a report after the conduct of each Committee Meeting

Public Affairs @ Local Government Service
nov 2016 — dec 2023

Assisted in the development of a communication strategy for the organisation.
Frequently updated the organisation's website and socials with news briefs on programmes and activities
organised by the organisation.
I assisted to mount feedback box at vantage points of the organisation for feedback from both internal and
external publics to make their concerns known to management. This initiative helped to avoid rumor
mongering among internal publics.
I accompanied the Head of the organisation to selected District Assemblies, invited programmes, seminars
and conferences, both home and abroad.
Arranged media coverage for organisation's programmes.
Prepared high quality press/media/news releases.
Wrote reports, minutes and concept notes on various topical areas.
Ensured the availability of media kit during public engagements.
Organised press conferences and media soiree’ for the Service.
Monitored media landscape for issues on decentralization and local governance: Specifically, I undertook
newspaper clippings of stories on decentralization and local governance and mounted on the notice board
for public attention.
Reviewed and document stories in both print and electronic media on decentralization and local
Supported the conduct of the organisation's Council meetings:
Specifically, I prepared and arranged materials for organisation's Council meetings.
Assisted secretary to the Local Government Service Council to accurately record proceedings of meetings
and other institutional governmental activities.
Serviced organisation's Council sub-committee meetings and reminded appropriate officers on issues for
further action.

Broadcast Journalist @ Ghana Broadcasting Corporation
aug 2008 — dec 2022

Presented News and hosted programmes on Ghana Television
I edited news scripts.
I generated feature stories that bothered on Agriculture, Health and entertainments.

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