Social worker/Social Educator
  • Valencia, Spain
  • 5 november 2022

I am Ana Basomba, a social educator with almost two years of experience working with vulnerable groups. I studied 4 years of Social Education at the University of Valencia, Spain.
I have had the opportunity to work in a center for unaccompanied immigrant minors, Moroccan children who cross the border alone in search of a better life. My tasks included support in daily things, school support, teaching Spanish, supporting and creating new workshops with specific objectives, conflict mediation and support in emotional management.
After this job, I started another one, in a homeless shelter, where every night I took care of twenty homeless people, refugees, immigrants, people who in my country are in a strong context of exclusion. There I performed basic tasks, such as care of primary needs (providing bed, shower, food, clothing), but the functions of a social educator were: care and mediation in conflicts, coordination with other social and state entities, support in aid procedures, direct coordination with municipal social services, legal, medical and administrative support, management of addictions and first aid.
After this job I started working in a center for women victims of gender violence and their children. My tasks were the accompaniment of daily tasks, maternity support, child care (with all that this entails), planning of social interventions, coordination with other social resources, job orientation.

As a social educator, I am a motivated woman, convinced of social change, with a quick capacity to adapt, eager to continue learning. I speak fluent English, native Spanish, native Catalan, beginner Arabic (Moroccan Arabic/Darija).

My goal is to train as a social educator in a more international context, leaving my country and learning new methodologies and ways to intervene socially with vulnerable groups. That is why I am currently, along with my work in the homeless shelter, studying International Cooperation and Volunteering.

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