Passionate about solutions in global trade that care for people and the planet
  • Tilburg, Netherlands
  • 6 september 2022

I have dedicated the past 13 years of my life to the question "how to make global trade equally benefit all of us?", and have come across many interesting projects and organizations that aim to solve this big question.

For seven years, I have worked in the certification sector, developing a standard that would require companies to implement additional activities and money streams to support the ones that produce our daily coffee. My role was broad and my responsibilities across developing and providing training, customer support, reviewing reports, managing escalated issues, pioneering new ideas for the certification program.

My background is in International Development and Globalization studies, and in my free time, I am very passionate about spending time in nature, movement in genereal, and world music.



Master @ Maastricht University
sep 2014 — jun 2015


Manager, Chain of Custody @ Rainforest Alliance
nov 2015 — jul 2022

- standard development
- development and provision of training
- customer support
- project management: shared responsibility
- development of guidance documents

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