Honours Graduate Political Philosophy & Critical Theory
Honours Graduate Political Philosophy & Critical Theory
  • Den Haag, Netherlands
  • 5 september 2023

I work well in teams, both academically and as an avid sports enthusiast. I am emotionally intelligent and I am easily able to adapt to other people that I work with. After living abroad in the United States for four years, I have become very open to perspectives and points of view that differ from my own. I am also able to approach and analyse a variety of problems from an interdisciplinary viewpoint. As a result of my experience with international surroundings, I can easily connect with new people. These skills allow me to succeed in a continually changing environment. This is further enunciated through my experience at Erasmus University College, an international, interdisciplinary and close-knit approach to studying where I have learned key analytical and research abilities, alongside critical thinking.



Bachelor @ Erasmus University College
sep 2020 — aug 2023

Majoring in Political Philosophy & Critical Theory and minoring in Global History & International Relations, the interdisciplinary approach this study offered gave me the ability to tackle a wide variety of large contemporary issues from a broad perspective, as well as developing my core skills such as critical thinking. Furthermore, the combination of my major and minor has allowed me to reflect and analyze not only past and present systems, but also ones that might emerge in the immediate future.

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