• Den Haag, Netherlands
  • 16 januari 2024

Dedicated researcher and advocate with expertise in development studies, social policy,
women and gender studies, and human rights. Proven track record in impactful fieldwork
and community collaboration.



Masters in Development Studies; Major: Social Policy for Development; Specialisation: Women and Gender Studies @ International Institute of Social Studies, Den Haag under Erasmus University of Rotterdam
sep 2022 — dec 2023

- Acquired nuanced understanding of development and its subjectivity, emphasizing
unlearning traditional concepts
- Explored multifaceted dimensions of poverty beyond economic growth within the
course curriculum
- Developed skills to analyze policies through a sociological lens, recognizing the influence
of social norms on policy formulation and implementation
- Specialized in dissecting the gendered nature of knowledge, highlighting the historical
influence of the male perspective on contemporary politics


Teaching assistant and Workshop Facilitator @ Erasmus University of Rotterdam
jan 2024 — feb 2024

- Collaborator and Facilitator, "Making of Development" Master's Level Course - Engaged with esteemed professors to co-create an inclusive and dynamic learning environment - Promoted open dialogue and critical reflection among students within modules like Neoliberalism, Decolonial Feminism, Health, Sustainability, Degrowth, Gender, and Generation - Led student workgroups, fostering collaborative and supportive peer learning and development Facilitated plenary sessions for a diverse cohort of up to 150 students from various countries, encouraging active participation and community building)

Journal Editor @ Erasmus University of Rotterdam
aug 2023 — dec 2023

- Editor and Essay Selector for "Exercise in World Making," an academic publication
recognized by the Dutch Royal Library issued by International Institute of Social Studies .
- Showcasing diverse global perspectives from over fifty countries.
- Redefining the concept of development for contemporary relevance.
- Collaborating with development professionals to provide valuable insights.
- Contributing to collective worldmaking through essay selection and editing.

Sexual Reproductive Health Researcher @ Lilianne Fonds
dec 2022 — dec 2023

Professional Experience:
1. Comprehensive Evidence Compilation: • Led a team in gathering and analyzing data through impactful fieldwork, engaging with over 50 individuals. • Implemented a thorough research methodology to ensure a nuanced understanding of the subject matter. 2. Collaborative Research & Community Engagement: • Worked closely with local communities to foster a collaborative approach to research. • Actively involved community members in the research process, ensuring a community-centric perspective. 3. Advocacy Achievements: • Successfully presented research findings at international conferences in Uganda and the Netherlands. • Contributed to the global discourse on sexual and reproductive health outcomes for young women with disabilities. 4. Impact Illumination: • Conducted research that brought to light the profound impact of socio- economic factors, cultural values, and access barriers on the sexual and reproductive health outcomes of young women with disabilities. • Utilized findings to advocate for policy changes and program improvements. 5. Policy Brief Collaboration: • Collaboratively spearheaded the creation and publication of a policy letter. • Co-authored the policy letter with a senior professor affiliated with Radboud University Nijmegen. • Provided actionable recommendations for policymakers based on research outcomes. Skills Developed: • Research and Analysis: • Designed and executed comprehensive research methodologies. • Analyzed data to derive meaningful insights into sexual and reproductive health outcomes. • Community Engagement: • Developed and implemented strategies for involving local communities in research projects. • Advocacy and Presentation: • Effectively communicated research findings at international conferences. • Advocated for policy changes to improve the well-being of individuals with disabilities. • Policy Development: • Collaborated on the creation of a policy letter, offering valuable insights for policymakers.

Programme and fundraising manager @ Mallarpur Uthnau, India
jan 2018 — sep 2021

- Campaign and Fundraising Coordinator
- Successfully raised funds for community-level developmental projects and education
promotion among indigenous youth in rural Bengal
- Advocated for the reconstruction of a cyclone-destroyed village in southern riverine
coastline post Cyclone Amphan
- Collected approximately 1000 euros in donations for the village reconstruction project
- Raised nearly 3500 euros for an innovative underwater well project to combat arsenic
pollution in a village
- Played a pivotal role in coordinating fundraising efforts, engaging donors, and driving
community support

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