Facilitator (international) collaboration
Facilitator (international) collaboration
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 15 juni 2022

“Everyone has something to give and everyone needs something to receive” is what I strongly believe in. It is the collaboration of different qualities that makes an impact, I have experienced when setting up various (strategic)collaborations amongst companies, in teambuilding and individual coaching. My strength lies in unlocking personal qualities, to connect people and skills, to create together, to inspire and motivate each other and to make a positive impact. This kind of work I am able to do using my personal core values being honest with yourself and expressing your needs, respecting everyone's perspective and essentially everyone is a good person. I prefer to work 'need driven', which ensures stronger motivation and a greater chance of positive, sustainable impact.



WO @ Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
jun 2022 — jul 2022

Language & Culture, specialization International Business Communication.
Master graduation 23-12-2004

WO @ Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
jun 2022 — jul 2022

Business Administration, specialization Strategy, Strategic Alliances
Master graduation 21-10-2006,


Facilitator (international) collaboration @ Impact Collective (self-employed)
okt 2018 — Huidig

My purpose as facilitator collaboration is to contribute to a better and more inclusive world with impact in social initiatives and small businesses. My role is to bring different parties/people/skills/perspectives together that can reinforce each other. the focus is on professional skills and socially engaged organizations. I do this by supporting in setting up business and projects, by making meaningful connections between different people and various skills at substantial and strategic level.
My expertise collecting qualities, unlocking requirements, setting up (strategic) plans on a personal, team and organizational level. guiding, facilitating, sound boarding to connect and improve collaboration.

- Facilitator and business consultant 22StarsFoundation Uganda. Together with the team we worked on the organisational purpose and values, the right skill-balance, role positions, practical agreements;
- Jimmy Nelson Foundation developing and extension foundation. Based on own research and fieldwork on culture preservation needs with Maasai Kenya. To renew strategy and structure, find new projects to support and grow the JNF community for bigger support and impact. Finished project April ’21;
- Communication advisor social media Global Dreamweb, Dutch NGO in peacemaking and who want to grow in impact on social media;
- Organizing Impact Nomads and facilitating first program Kilifi (www.impactnomads.com) where we connect digital nomads to local social enterprises. A two-week program focused on growth, balance, impact and connection. Finished project February ‘21;
- Design-thinking based facilitating the development ‘After school Learning adventure’ program for children 4-9years, Kenya. I organized 3 sessions to develop the business case and to set up friends&family pilot;

Facilitator collaboration @ Moneyou
okt 2017 — okt 2018

Moneyou is a European online financial services provider with a variety of product offerings, subsidiary of ABNAMRO bank. This new role, I created to realize continuous attention for personal development and collaboration in the community at individual level, team level and partner level. Topics of essence as culture, values, (people’s) strengths, added value in order to support members of the community to be their best self, challenge status quo and discover step-by-step what is needed to bring the community to next level. The close collaboration with different (scrum) teams, from different organizations, roles, people, background required commitment and empathy. This askes for coordination of personal and team development, contractual agreements with partners, cooperation with and between different parties.

Daily business was as follows:
- Developing a program for "Collaboration in teams" in which topics such as reflection, giving /
receiving feedback, and intercultural communication are discussed. Concrete results, for example, have been the development of the "How to give and receive feedback" workshop, which has been successfully delivered;
- Setting up guidelines on how to learn together in a self-managing environment, in which you yourself are responsible for your development. One of the results is the concrete agreements with the various partners on how we can offer learning & development together and share opportunities;
- Developing the central platform for the Communication and information provision, in order that people can be self-sufficient in this "Learning Community".

Partnerships & Vendor Manager, Moneyou @ Moneyou
dec 2012 — sep 2017

As a network organization, MoneYou has outsourced almost all the essential activities to partner organizations, suppliers and contractors. I initiated the introduction and development of the Moneyou Community where partners work together in a unique way with each other, share strategies and understand their different perspectives.
Daily occupation concerned:
- Partner- and vendor relation management at strategic and tactical level;
- Managing contract management and team;
- Strengthen and automate vendor management by implementing performance programs, compliance processes and tooling;
- Spend analysis and -management in collaboration with Finance.

Procurement specialist, Liberty Global Europe (LGE) @ Liberty Global Europe (LGE)
jul 2009 — nov 2012

LGE is the European headquarters of the worldwide cable organization Liberty Global, based in Amsterdam. At LGE I was responsible for the creation and deployment of global sourcing platform across all eleven countries where Liberty is active. This platform is to stimulate mutual understanding and collaboration at Pan European level and the achievement of (cost) synergies. Daily business:
- Category Management Marketing. Responsible for strategy development, planning, achieving cost savings;
- Development and implementation of Vendor Management with responsibility for the development of Vendor Performance Management and Vendor Risk Management for all countries and parent company Liberty Global.
- Leading supplier selection programs, contract negotiation and monitoring at Pan EU level;
- Maintaining supplier relationships and cooperation with strategic partners.

Consultant strategic sourcing @ Kirkman Company
sep 2007 — jul 2009

Kirkman Company is a consultancy agency with the expertise Strategic Sourcing, based in Baarn, the Netherlands. I started as a member of the traineeship Young Sourcing Executive Program with promotion to consultant at 08/08/2009. Internally, I was responsible for the development and establishment of the business unit Strategic Alliances - defining strategy, mission, vision, attracting new customers. Externally I was responsible for strategic sourcing advisory, implementation and strategy assurance in a variety of projects and for different customers

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