Community manager
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 20 juni 2022

TLDR: Drawn to the social media side, creative, investigative and human relationships side of things. I have navigated multiple roles within my professional outreach, diverse industries, but with the one constant: working with people and understandin what makes us tick.
I have been in hospitality, debt collection, digital advertising and recently in Finance. Diverse much? Yes! Let's talk about what I learned.

I didn't work on building a niched strong career, but I have worked on building my character to now see it as a strength. I am reliable, curious, fast on my feet. Honesty and doing the right thing are my non-negotiable. I believe I don't need to be an expert to everything outthere, as I can learn any metric, report, platform. It's a matter of time to become proficient in my new role. On the other hand, building the right type of emotional intelligence and putting it at work in both of our benefits took me a lifetime.

I am sensitive, passionate and depth oriented. That means I will get things done thoroughly, with care and effectively, but I will require the right set-up. I am known for being able to openly talk about hard topics, with empathy while still holding a balanced point of view. I can execute within the requirements and be focused on the goals. I will also ask questions and challenge you.

A quality that I bring along no matter the job description is that when I am thriving, the team is thriving. I love to organize events that help people feel seen and appreciated, to ignite the spark that makes them come to work and give their best. It is possible to have a win-win.

Social Media Manager, Community Manager, Content Creator, Event Organizer


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