Researcher and Educator
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • 28 september 2023

Dedicated academic with a passion for social impact and a strong desire to leverage my extensive research and teaching experience to drive positive change in the NGO sector. My background in social sciences has equipped me with critical analytical skills, a deep understanding of complex social issues, and the ability to communicate ideas effectively. I am committed to applying my expertise to address pressing global challenges, collaborate with diverse stakeholders, and contribute to meaningful projects that make a tangible difference in people's lives. My academic rigor, adaptability, and commitment to advocacy align perfectly with the values and mission of NGO work. I am eager to bring my academic insights into practical action to create lasting social impact.



Ph.D. in Social Sciences @ Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
okt 2011 — apr 2016

Specialization: Communication strategies during large scale societal crises

Master Degree in International Development Studies @ Wageningen University & Research
sep 2008 — mei 2011

Specialization: Communication, Technology, Policy

Bachelor Degree in Political Science @ Dimitrie Cantemir University, Bucharest Romania
sep 2005 — jun 2008

Specialization: Communication strategies of charismatic leaders


Postdoctoral researcher @ Wageningen University & Research
aug 2020 — aug 2023

- Researched effective science communication models
- Lead the postdoctoral research group on Digital matters
- Organized seminar series and workshops
- Designed and presented lectures as part of the curriculum for courses within the Department of Strategic Communication

Postdoctoral researcher @ Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences
okt 2017 — aug 2020

- Conducted inter-disciplinary research on social media communication
- Played a pivotal role in establishing the Digital Humanities Lab
- Designed and conducted seminar series and workshops
- Facilitated cross-institutional connections among digital humanities researchers and interest groups

Postdoctoral researcher @ Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
apr 2016 — sep 2016

Investigated dynamics of health care communication in
social media

Lecturer & Course coordinator @ Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
apr 2016 — okt 2017

- Developed and delivered courses in the MSc and BA programs
- Advised and mentored students during the completion of their BA or MSc theses

Doctoral researcher @ Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
okt 2011 — apr 2016

Investigated communication dynamics during the 2008 financial crisis.

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