project manager
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 8 juli 2022

Subject: letter of intent

Dear Madam/ Sir,

My name is Silviu GHEORGHE and I am writing to you with the intention of initiating a collaboration to guide me towards capitalizing on my professional expertise in the field of sustainable development projects in tourism. My field of activity is tourism, and within it I have implemented sustainable development projects in tourism within the National Association for Ecological and Cultural Rural Tourism (ANTREC Tulcea) in Romania, with activities carried out both nationally and in Europe, co-financed especially by European Union programs. Within these projects I have developed expertise in the sectors of event management, project management, teaching and professional training.These projects had as objectives mainly the development of human resources in tourism, applied research on tourism resources, identification and promotion of the potential of ecological and cultural tourism and others (a summary can be found in the attached CV).

At my middle age, I considered taking the concept of long life learning seriously, stepping out of my comfort zone, and finding a suitable environment for updating and developing my academic and professional skills. Due to the covid pandemic (at least it had a positive side) I learned to organize and be able to work efficiently remotely, and thus be able to study in person on campus and continue working.

Thus, I considered to do a second master's degree in the field of tourism as well as the first one, my intention being to improve myself. I found this environment in the Netherlands, at NHL STENDEN University in the Master in International Leisure, Tourism and Event Management, which proved to be an exceptional life and academic experience. Here I found specific characteristics of Dutch civilization such as multiculturalism, the orientation towards quality of life, the culture of authentic common sense, the concept of sustainability is taken seriously, etc. These characteristics fit very well with my conception of what the civilizational cultural environment should be like according to the development of projects for sustainability in tourism.

For these reasons, I intend to apply in the Netherlands to capitalize on my expertise and contribute to sustainability projects in tourism. In this sense, I turn to your specialized services to guide me to identify and address opportunities in this direction.



Appendix: curriculum vitae



Master @ NHL Stenden, University of Applied Sciences - Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
jul 2022 — aug 2022

Master in International Leisure, Tourism and Event Management
The topic of the master's thesis: Sustainability, energy transition in nautical tourism


Project manager @ NGO - National Association for Rural, Ecological and Cultural Tourism - (ANTREC- Tulcea) Danube Delta branch.
jul 2022 — Huidig

The domain of organizational management

President of the NGO - National Association for Rural, Ecological and Cultural Tourism - (ANTREC- Tulcea) Danube Delta branch.
- management of specific activities to meet the objectives of the organization.

The domain of event organization

- organizing events such as conferences, tourism fairs, exhibitions;
- designing and implementing events appropriate to the specifics of the context
-approaching the organization of events in terms of creativity, flexibility, dynamism, diplomacy and tact

The domain of didactic professional training

-design and development of theoretical and practical programs for training and development of professional skills;
-organizing professional training courses in tourism;
- teaching specific courses for the professional training of adults in the field of tourism;
- editing and editing of profile publications in rural, ecological and cultural tourism;

Domain of project management

Main activities and responsibilities as a project manager:
- establishing the management plan for the implementation of the project and coordinating all UM members;
- monitoring and coordinating the overall management of the project, fulfilling the objectives proposed by the project and all the requirements imposed by the financing contract;
- ensuring optimal communication with the representatives of the project implementation team, as well as with third parties involved in the project;

Employer - ANTREC Tulcea (Romania),
Period: from 2006- present

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