Artist and Educator
Artist and Educator
  • Arnhem, Netherlands
  • 19 september 2022

I am constantly motivated, a team player and always curious to learn more. I come from a background in arts, my bachelor's degree was in fine arts, where I learnt to express myself through my artworks. I worked as a conceptual artist focusing on the social world and understanding the relationship between individuals and the society around us. I used the mediums of text, spoken word and installations to portray the same. I then went on to do my master's degree based on education. Here I trained for a year to understand the role of education in one's life. I worked on creating my own creative education methodology, finding techniques to implement in the classroom that stimulated the students to work in innovative ways. During this year, I also worked on internships where I had to help organise classes, arrange meetings and work as a team with a group of professionals.

I have always been someone who works well in a group situation, and I won't back down from a challenge. I am ambitious in the projects I take up and make sure to give all the work I do my 100%. My experiences in life have been varied, based mainly on the themes of wanting to connect with the people around me and understand them, and, if needed, help them in any way I can.



Bachelor @ Minerva Art Academy, Hanze
sep 2017 — jun 2021

Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Fine Arts. I worked as a conceptual artist around the themes of the social world and identities. I expressed myself through the mediums of text, spoken word and installations.


Masters @ ArtEZ University of Arts
sep 2021 — jul 2022

Masters in Arts Education, I trained for a year in the program to create a creative methodology to implement in the classroom to teach young people.

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