Women & entrepreneurship summerschool in Maastricht


Are you keen on learning more about female entrepreneurship and economic development from a gender perspective? Are you a master or PhD student, working as a policy maker, project manager or development worker in the field of economic development? Then this course is designed just for you!

In this course you will reflect on the broader macro- and socio economic context that impacts on development, women and entrepreneurship. Also, you will learn about the different factors, actors, circumstances and conditions that influence the behavior, choices and environments of women entrepreneurs. Lastly, you will explore and discuss the effect of the policies and practices that are applied to promote women entrepreneurship in developing countries. In this course we will explore the question: why does the gender gap in entrepreneurship persist?


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Duration of the course is two weeks, from 23rd of July till 3rd of August. Mornings and mid-day will be used for classes, discussions and presentations. In the afternoon and evenings you will enjoy Maastricht and its beautiful surroundings with your fellow students. We expect to have a very diverse group: from different disciplines, backgrounds, experiences and countries.


Course fee: € 600

Course period: 23rd of July till 3rd of August with maximum 25 participants

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Maastricht Summer School is a joint program of Maastricht University, Maastricht School of Management and Zuyd University of Applied Sciences.