Volunteers for Eco-Tourism in a community restoration project

Who are we?

You have a burning desire and are curious to learn by actually doing something that makes sense? Have you ever faced yourself in a Latin American world beyond the regular (mind) map? Then it’s really time to partake action with Beyond South America. While sharing your talents and goodwill, you will be part of some sustainable, long-term social changes. We operate throughout South America and have the perfect project for you!

About the project:

This project dedicate itself to restoration of soil in a rural community of 100 families near the city of Cochabamba. The negative effects of deforestation and water shortage in the Anden region, lead to peccary livelihoods of farmers families and fleeing rural areas is an ongoing process in Bolivia. With the help of an international NGO and a team of local and foreign experts this project already took its first steps. The experiences made in this community should work as a blueprint for the development of other communities in the Andes. The first phase of this projects is dedicated to restoration of the soil, implementing sustainable agriculture consisting in agroforest concepts, water retention systems and collective use of water reservoirs. Its aim is, to include the whole community in the implementation of new strategies and methods and hand over the maintenance of the systems, once knowledge and know-how is been transferred. The famers are participating from day one and help to develop the concepts also based on their necessities and knowledge. After restoring the soil and working on sustainable agriculture, the second phase would help them to implement concepts of community based tourism and improving retail chains working collectively. On one hand, they need experts with knowledge in the flower industry and local market retail chains, experience in establishing and strengthen local markets and trade. On the other hand they need persons with experience in rural- eco- or community based tourism, to develop tours, packages for tourists, develop highlights in and of the community in cooperation with the locals, but also to teach the community in guiding and welcoming tourists and promoting their project. However, volunteers simply interested in environmental topics, that are not afraid to get their hands dirty while helping out with reforestation and construction are welcome here any time. When you want to be involved with an environmental conscious and motivated community, life among them and work hand in hand with farmers and external experts, this is the right place.

 Duration:                    minimum of 2 months

Useful skills:              background tourism especially in community based, eco- and rural tourism, experience in promoting, establishing and strengthening local markets and retail chains, experience in the flowery industry. Not sure if you have the right skills? Don’t worry – talk to us!

Location:                    the village is located in the west of Cochabamba about 45 minutes from the city center, accommodation in a community house with basic facilities and camping is possible

Possible tasks:          depending on your expertise and background you support the design and implementation of a community based tourism concept, help to indicate highlights of such a concept, help to calculate costs, teach about commerce and handling tourist groups, develop different tours and packages including the local families. You can support them with developing a strategy and teach methods to tap in bigger markets or helping to understand better local retail chains etc. especially in the flower industry.

On site:         Airport pick-up, basic accommodation in the community , borrowed cellphone and SIM-card, 24/7 contact to volunteer-coordinator, emergency support, purified water, hospitals and western doctors, supermarkets, Wi-Fi and good mobile signal in the nearby city of Cochabamba.