On 3 July 2009, the ADPC hosted a workshop in Amsterdam aimed at facilitating access among diaspora organisations active in conflict resolution and peacebuilding in their countries of origin to the preliminary findings of the DIASPEACE research project. The programme included the presentation of emerging issues from case studies in Italy and Germany, and diaspora participants shared their experiences in the Netherlands.

The workshop served a number of purposes. First, it brought the researchers from the three European countries together in order to link and synergise their research findings. Second, it offered diaspora participants information on the ways in which diaspora groups in the three countries are making contributions within the countries of origin geared towards peacebuilding. Third, it offered researchers the opportunity to validate some of the findings of the study so far, and allowed diaspora participants to contribute to some of the conclusions and analyses made with regards to diaspora contributions to peacebuilding in their country of origin.

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