Job Listing: Lead on Human Economy

Do you want to fight for equality? Tackling inequality at its roots, together with colleagues, our partner organizations and activists in more than 90 countries? To change the systems behind it, once and for all!

Oxfam Novib stands behind the people who stand up for equality. Together, we fight for a world where everyone has equal opportunities, regardless of gender, ethnicity or skin color. A world where everyone feels safe; where income gaps are shrinking instead of growing, where climate change is tackled in a firmer and more honest way.

Equality is the common thread throughout our activities and projects, but also internally. We are aware that our team of colleagues can be even more diverse and that having a diverse team is the only way to see the world from a broad perspective. To obtain a multi-voiced team, we are therefore calling in particular on women, members of the BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities, or people with disabilities to apply for this job.

Apply and become part of Oxfam Novib!

Description of the department

The core responsibility of the Programs Department is to achieve impact. Therefore, the department designs, supports and manages our programs/projects and global campaigns that help achieve our 10-year vision of an inclusive (Equal), secure (Safe), equitable (Fair) and sustainable (Green) world in an efficient and effective manner, ensuring high quality. The Department is also responsible for engaging with institutional donors and leads on program quality and learning frameworks.

Purpose of the Unit

The Lead on human economy is a member of the unit FAIR Financial Systems and Investments of 16 people at Oxfam Novib.

The Unit FAIR Financial Systems and Investments is responsible for Oxfam Novib’s work on pressuring governments and the financial sector to reverse the trend of growing inequalities, for fundamental changes to public and private sector policies and practices, so that wealth, profits, and welfare are shared more equally and transparently.

The Unit is, amongst other, responsible for leading the work of Oxfam Novib on “Human Economy”, or wellbeing economy, aiming to move towards a new economic model that serves the needs of society within the boundaries of the planet. Another central element in the unit is our work on access to finance and non-financial support for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and microfinance institutions (MFIs). This is done through various investment funds (with total capital of 60m EUR), managed by partners, and through the Impact SME (iSME) Development Programme.

Furthermore, the Unit supports civil society organizations, movements, and citizens at national level, to voice their call for improved domestic resource mobilisation and fair tax systems, transparent budgets and citizens monitoring budget spending on public services and to voice their demand for a transparent, fair, sustainable, and inclusive financial sector. So that wealth, profits, and welfare are shared more equally and transparently, and the climate and environment are saved for this and future generations. Some of the outputs of the unit are e.g., the Fair Tax Monitor and the Fair Finance Guide (internationally and in the Netherlands).

The unit works closely with allies, Oxfam country offices and partners in developed and developing countries.

Job Summury

The current economic system is broken. It puts growth and profit before wellbeing and sustainability. It temporarily works for the privileged few, while leading to extreme inequality and e.g., climate crisis. While the rich are getting richer, billions of people find themselves just above or below extreme poverty, with women and marginalized groups suffering most of the immediate consequences. While shareholders benefit from rising corporate profits, people around the globe struggle with multiple jobs, or to buy food or afford healthcare.

Are you the person who can explain why our current economic system is broken? Are you familiar with the solutions proposed by feminist, decolonial and beyond-growth movements? Are you enthusiastic, resourceful, and willing and able to work with colleagues internally and externally to further develop our Oxfam thinking on a new economic system; a system that works for all, a human economy? Do you have the ability to positively influence the public debate in the Netherlands about the extreme, global inequality, and to spot the opportunities to change the current system? Have you always wanted to work with partners and colleagues across the globe convincing governments and companies that a more fair, inclusive, and sustainable economic model is possible? If so, this is the role for you!

We have a unique position available: a lead on human economy. The aim of this role is to stimulate thinking inside and outside Oxfam on changes needed towards realizing an economy that puts people and planet before growth and profit. You will work both with your colleagues in the unit on Fair Financial Systems and Investments and with colleagues in other units working on different thematic areas. We are looking for a knowledgeable and passionate individual who can easily write blogs, op eds or a report on the topic while at the same time inspire governments, CEO’s of small and big companies and academics change their thinking on subjects like the economy, inequality, sustainability.

Key Deliverables

  • Oxfam Novib is an active contributor to the public debate in the Netherlands and globally about (in)equality and the need for economic system change. Oxfam becomes known for demonstrating that better alternatives are possible to the current neoliberal growth and profit oriented economy.
  • Within the Oxfam confederation, linking and learning between colleagues from various programs is promoted, strengthening the contribution from the various programs, and influencing work to economic system change.

Key Tasks

  • Support the development and delivery of Oxfam (Novib’s) Human Economy programming and influencing strategies, aimed at both governments and private sector actors. Contribute to fundraising efforts to increase our capacity on this agenda.
  • Draft research and/or policy papers on human economy. Co-organize events at national and international level.
  • Build and maintain relations in key platforms and networks, primarily in the Netherlands.
  • Act as spokesperson for Oxfam Novib on topics regarding the Human Economy for media.
  • Advise colleagues from all Oxfam Novib departments and country offices how to strengthen Oxfam’s profile in changing key (economic) policies towards building a Human Economy (working closely with colleagues in other departments, including experts on e.g., fiscal policies, climate policies, land rights and colleagues leading on corporate influencing/iSME strategies).
  • Facilitate longer-term capacity building strategies and plans on more just and sustainable economic policies globally and in the South, including facilitation of training.
  • Lead on the Human Economy Theory of Change in the Programme Strategy of Oxfam Novib.


  • Have 6 years work experience and responsibility in the field of economics, development policy or advocacy, entrepreneurship or SME development or related fields.
  • Have a master’s degree or equal experience in economics, international politics, tax law, fiscal economics, or a related area.
  • Have work experience in the South or in advocacy on development issues.
  • Have experience working in a complex networked international setting.
  • Have passion and experience (or clear interest) in working in the NGO sector.
  • Have strong analytical skills, you are result-oriented and are a team player.
  • Have excellent (intercultural) communication skills. Preferably have experience publishing.
  • Is a self-starter that can work independently and is eager to take the initiative.
  • Fluent Dutch and preferably also competent with English.
  • Have a commitment to Oxfam’s humanitarian principles and commitment to Oxfam’s equal opportunity and gender policies.
  • Key competences: Result Orientation, Networking, Cooperation, Creativity, Planning & Organization, Written communication.
  • You have a valid permit to reside and work in the Netherlands.

Working at Oxfam Novib

  • All our work is guided by our core values: Empowerment, Accountability, Inclusiveness, Courage, Solidarity and Equality.
  • At Oxfam Novib, we work according to the Feminist Principles – Oxfam Policy & Practice.
  • Oxfam Novib is committed to offer you a motivating work environment at our offices in The Hague. We offer a one-year contract from start (including a 1-month trial period), with the possibility to extend.
  • Oxfam Novib offers an attractive and honest benefits package, including a year-end allowance and yearly pay increase from the Collective Labor Agreement. Moreover, we offer complementary options to choose from. The salary range for this position is set in scale 10 with a salary range between € 3.320,- and € 5.109,- gross based on 36 hours a week.
  • Oxfam Novib is based on the power of difference. That is why we aim to attract a diverse mix of talented people who share our standards, values and principles, and who are committed to prevent and eliminate any type of misconduct.
  • We have an active policy against sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse, any form of abuse of power or lack of integrity and financial misconduct. This subject will be covered in our application and selection process.

Additional information

  • Do you believe that this is the job you are looking for? Then we would love to meet you! Please send your resume and cover letter via our application portal.
  • If you have questions regarding the position, please contact Ivan Nikolic, Unit Manager Financial Systems and Investments at
  • Only applications received before the closing date 29 March 2023 and submitted via our application portal will be considered.
  • This job opening is posted internally and externally, simultaneously. Internal candidates are given preference if they are sufficiently qualified or can be obtained in short term. We believe it’s important in our organization that our employees are offered maximum opportunities for growth in new themes and competencies. Priority for internal candidates supports this.
  • At the time of a contract offer, it is necessary for Oxfam Novib to request valid references. Our candidates will be subject to appropriate screening checks, including criminal records and terrorism, financial checks or integrity screenings/references.
  • Oxfam Novib reserves the right, to its sole discretion, not to make agreements regarding this job opening, make an agreement in a lower level, or make an agreement with an amended job description.
  • We are currently working hybrid (50% in the office in The Hague and 50% at home).
  • Qualified candidates residing in the Netherlands, or other EU/EEA countries and who are willing to relocate to the Netherlands at their own expense and responsibility, are encouraged to apply.
  • Qualified candidates residing outside of the EU/EEA who are willing to relocate to the Netherlands at their own expense and responsibility for this job opportunity, are encouraged to apply. [*Dutch law requires that this is only applicable for Scale 10 Grade 7 minimum when candidates are under the age of 30, or Scale 10 Grade 32 minimum when candidates are above the age of 30].
  • Oxfam Novib is unable to provide visa sponsorship at this time.