This two-day conference will address resource use in Latin America and the Caribbean. Since the start of the 21st Century, the region has been transformed by a complex interaction between market forces, government interventions and individual and collective initiatives in civil society. A wide variety of resources play a crucial role in this process. In addition to natural resources, the region holds a wealth of cultural, political and economic resources. These are constantly used, appropriated and developed by citizens, companies and state institutions at all scales. Whether leading to new conflicts or new collaborations, the use of resources is central in region’s current and future development.

The conference will pay attention to the relations between resource use and the recent transformations in the region. By looking into the nature of these relations in different Latin American and Caribbean countries, cities and social groups, both similarities and differences in the region’s long-term change will be analysed with a special focus on partnerships and conflicts in natural resource use, and cultural resource use in an urbanizing continent.


Around seventy participants from Europe and Latin America will participate in fifteen panels. They will present original research results. Examples of paper and panel subjects: forest conservation, legal systems, water governance, small scale and informal mining, social movements, conflicts over resource use, urban daily life, infrastructure, religion, management of offshore oil wealth, urban violence.




Keynote speaker

  • Professor Dr. Antanas Mockus (former mayor of Bogota and rector of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia): ‘Citizenship Culture and Urban Change’


  • Kohnstammhuis – Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Wibautstraat 2-4, 1091 GM Amsterdam


Free admission for students and other visitors.

(Registration of presenters is closed on 1 November)


  • Dr Barbara Hogenboom:; 
  • Dr Annelou Ypeij:;

Preliminary programme and information

  • Cedla (Centre for Latin American Research and Documentation)
  • Nalacs (Netherlands Association of Latin American and Caribbean Studies):

The conference has received funding from: 





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