The database directory is a skills inventory and will contain information such as professional qualifications, areas of expertise and experience of the educated African diaspora individuals. It will also contain programmes, projects, focus themes and focus countries covered by the activities of the organisations run by the African diaspora in the Netherlands.

This database directory has two purposes. The first is to facilitate the structural inclusion of the skilled African diaspora in the technical expert database of the development cooperation sector of the benefit of Africa. The second purpose is to demonstrate concretely the development potential of the African diaspora organisations in the Netherlands and the added value they offer in the efforts gearing to the reduction of poverty and achieving the Millennium Development Goals in their respective homelands in Africa. This is to encourage Diaspora organisations and the mainstream development agencies to initiate joint pilot projects in both the host and home countries in order to build up a viable working relationship through practice. Initiating joint pilot projects can bring the two development sectors much closer together than is now the case.

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