Call for Ideas: The Spindle Innovation Awards!

Do you have a great idea or an opportunity for an innovation to improve international development? We welcome you to apply for ‘Best Idea 2017’. The ten best ideas join The Spindle Summer Labs and the overall winner receives 5000 euro seed money!

What do you get from The Spindle Summer Labs?
By submitting your idea you’ll be eligible for The Spindle Summer Labs. When selected, the participants of the Summer Labs actively engage in Design Thinking as a process for problem-solving. Its main ingredients: creativity, ambidextrous thinking, teamwork, user-centeredness (empathy), curiosity and optimism. Besides sharing innovation insights and knowledge, the team of experienced Spring House facilitators ensure that creative support and coaching is provided when needed. During these sessions you will learn about design processes, peer up with your fellow contestants and have access to The Spindle's network of experts and inspirational coaches.

What are the criteria?
We see innovation as successful applications of new strategies, ways of working, or products that make it possible to achieve societal impact in a more effective and efficient way. As with all awards, The Spindle Innovation Awards also has other criteria for you to take into consideration and which can help you formulating your idea. Before you apply, make sure you read these criteria and the selection process.

Ready to apply?
Go to our website! If you need any assistance or have any questions, please contact us through