Ben jij een hiphopartiest (Mc-ing, Dj-ing, Producing, Breaking, Grafitti) en wil jij kans maken om het podium van het Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam te rocken op wereld AIDS dag? Check onze site dan snel en start connecting met peeps uit Nederland en Afrika. De winnende teams verschijnen op de eerste editie van onze CD.

Check en connect met onze Afrikaanse members.

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Online Competition – Win a trip abroad Young and positHIV:

“Take part in our third online competition and win a trip to Amsterdam,
the Netherlands!”

Baobabconnections project description

Baobabconnections is a youth project about globalisation for African and
Dutch youth. Baobabconnections is creating an online platform where
conscious youth can share information about globalisation.

Baobabconnections wants to grow into a platform for internet journalism.
We are working hard to make the website a place where people can find
information on globalisation from different perspectives. From Amsterdam
to Cape Town… We have coordinators in 7 African countries; we produce our
own content and publish it directly online. It is good to see that our
online community keeps on growing. We now have 493 subscribed members from
44 countries. And still we feel that this is only the beginning…

Online Competition on youth and HIV/AIDS

We are encouraging young people from Holland and Africa to get together on
this website and exchange ideas about globalisation. To stimulate the
interaction on the website, and to raise awareness about issues of
globalisation, Baobabconnections organises an online competition on
various themes of globalisation. Our third competition will focus on youth

In association with the Royal Tropical Institute and Africaserver,
Baobabconnections is organising an online competition on for performers on
the theme of youth and HIV/ AIDS. The winning team will be invited as
performers at a theatre festival at the Royal Tropical Institute in
Amsterdam, Holland on December 1st 2002 (World Aids Day).

The purpose of the festival in Amsterdam is to raise awareness about the
situation of youth and HIV/ AIDS.

Baobabconnections wants you!

This competition is for people who want to perform together on stage. So
try to find your kindred spirit on this website and let your creative
juices collaboratively flow. Write a song, create a hip-hop rap, perform a
theatre monologue, beat box, rhyme, flow, spit, step on stage and do your
thing. We welcome all submissions that can be performed on a stage. You
have maximum 10 minutes to do your performance.

The performance is aimed to inspire understanding and pro-active
compassion about HIV/AIDS among young people… As a team in our
competition you have convince the jury about your power of your words, and
your skills to deliver your message. Be creative! Try to provoke
questions, raise awareness, and if possible give it all a personal

Baobabconnections invites all young hip-hop artists, rappers, singers,
musicians, spoken-word performers and singer songwriters to take part in
our third online competition. If you are motivated to help alleviate the
suffering of people with HIV/AIDS by stepping on stage and performing,
then we want to hear from you!

How can you enter the competition?

This is an online competitions. Submissions should be emailed to us.

But first you have to become a member of Baobabconnections first. When you
are logged in, you can enter the competition page and you will see a list
with all guidelines for the competition. Also you see a list of other
members looking for a team mate. You can add yourself to that list and
invite other members to start working together.

Guidelines for participants

This competition is open for Baobabconnections members from The
Netherlands and all African countries.

We actually have two competitions for two languages. One for Dutch
submissions, one for English submissions.

The English competition is open to Afro-Dutch teams. Teams exist of one
Dutch member and one African member.

The Dutch competition is only open to Du

Geef me 1 goede reden om lid te worden van Baobabconnections.
Check de website…


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