Baobabconnections invites you to an open forum on the US war against
terror. We will discuss ways we can organise to stop the impending
attack on Iraq.

It is imperative at this time for concerned people to come together to
voice opposition to violence and commit to the ttransformation of global
society’s culture of war into a culture of peace.


The ISS, Den Haag, Monday October 21st, 8pm



Brid Brennan (Transnational Institute; TNI)

Long time peace activist connected to international peace movements and an
inspiring speaker.

Iriel Sayeed (US Poet) :

Poet from the US who explores social themes in her work. She will read her own work WAR as well as Amiri Baraka’s banned poem Somebody Blew Up America.

Sarah O’Gorman (Baobabconnections)

Work Shop: Giving Soul-Force a Chance.


Institute of Social Studies

Kortenaerkade 12

2518 AX The Hague

tel. +31 70 4260 460



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