About Us

FPP operates through two connected, but  independent, organisations based in the United Kingdom (FPP UK) and the Netherlands (FPP NL), with a shared vision and mission.

FPP’s teams have expertise in land rights, environment, development, and indigenous affairs with high-level qualifications in social anthropology, human rights law, tropical forest ecology and environmental science. The team has longstanding and extensive experience working directly with indigenous and forest peoples around the globe.

Our Human Rights Work

Forest Peoples Programme is a human rights organisation working with forest peoples across the globe to secure their rights to their lands and their livelihoods. We work alongside more than 60 partner organisations representing indigenous peoples and forest communities from across the globe.

Our Vision

We support forest peoples and indigenous organisations to promote an alternative vision of how forests should be managed, based on respect for the rights, knowledge, cultures and identities of the peoples who know them best.

Through advocacy, practical projects and capacity building, we support forest peoples to deal directly with the outside powers that shape their lands, lives and futures, envisioning a day when forests are owned and controlled by the people within them, ensuring sustainable livelihoods, equity and well-being for future generations.



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