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Share your vision

Migration is everywhere: Media, politicians and citizens can’t ignore the topic. But how can we turn the current conversation on migration around to something beyond the present reality, in an imaginative, surprising and constructive way? We, Partos and OneWorld, are curious how you see migration in the (nearby) future. We invite you to share your ideas, visions, fantasies or solutions in a creative way and bring the migration debate to a higher level. Beyond the media hypes.


New ideas

If you follow most news on migration, you would think that people started moving across the globe a few years ago instead of since the beginning of time. Migration is often presented as something abnormal and as a constant crisis. As the source of many social, cultural, financial and political problems.

This has led to disproportionate negative attention towards migration and migrants by (Western) politicians and media outlets. Migrants are often kept out of the debate. Meanwhile, no new ideas are offered.

The world needs new insights

Essay, rap or design, all is welcome!

That is why we are calling on journalists, students, novelists, changemakers, poets, rappers, dancers, actors, development workers, playwrighters, (video) artists, scientists, designers, experts and everyday citizens to send in their creative ideas before March 1st. Through essays, analysis, think pieces, theatre, spoken word, art, poetry, performance, video and other visuals. You don’t have to present a solution, we need new insights.

The most significant submissions will be published and financially awarded. The new insights and ideas will also be part of a live event hosted by Partos and OneWorld to start conversations for new solutions for thinkers, changemakers and workers in the field of migration.


Learn more on dates, terms & conditions and send all your amazing, daring, utopic, realistic or provoking thoughts and creations to Also, please spread this call for submissions in your (diasporic) network, because the world needs new ideas.

We are looking forward to (y)our future!

Dates, Terms & Conditions


Migratie: de obsessie waar we niets van (willen) weten

Het eerste Migratie Museum van Nederland is net open en wordt nu al met sluiting bedreigd.

Voor het maken van verhalen hebben we jouw steun nodig.

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