Study Road – Challenging Education for Future Leaders

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In 2008 I cycled from Cairo to Cape Town with 55 people from all over the world crossing 12.000 km in extreme weather conditions. This was fun! I never learned as much as during these four crazy months of cycling. Friends and family told me that they would love to do the same but that they don’t have time or money. Combining the expedition with an exchange program would be the ultimate learning experience and makes it possible for students to learn and experience the benefits of an expedition at the same time. This is how I got the idea of the Study Road. 



A group of 40 students from different educational and cultural backgrounds will cycle from Istanbul to Beijing along the Silk Road. This special tailored program teaches students about the past, present and future. The program starts with Big History in Istanbul, continues with International Relations in Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and China and finishes with Corporate Social Responsibility in Beijing. The Study Road starts in March 2013 in Istanbul and ends in August 2013 in Beijing.

It seemed crazy when I started 2 years ago, but the enthusiastic reactions of students and teachers kept the project going and we finally reached the stage where we are now. We just opened up for applications and almost ready to start peddling next year March. Thanks to the help of many amongst which Professors and universities from over the world the Study Road is about to become a great success. So besides the individual advantages for the students , an incredible network between students, teachers and universities is created.



Students can apply through mailing their cv and their letter of motivation to . More information can be found in this document.  The Study Road website will be online from September. A student from the University of Amsterdam is working on it as part of his graduation project.



Still we could use help.  We seek support through advice, lectures, contacts or sponsorship. If you’d like to think along you can contact me. For the latest updates you can consult the facebookpage.


Thank you :-)! 





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