Short films involve young people in the fight against AIDS

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The workshop, organized by KIT from October 7-14, is an opportunity for contest coordinators to exchange experiences and receive training on topics such as how to mentor participants and how to use the film scenarios to better design HIV/AIDS programmes. The effective use of audio-visual materials, participatory evaluation, effective dissemination and how to maximize the usefulness of the Scenarios from Africa contest will also be discussed. Representatives from eleven African countries are taking part.

Scenarios from Africa gives children and young adults an opportunity to educate themselves and others about HIV/AIDS. Since 1997, more than 105,000 young people from 37 countries have taken part in Scenarios from Africa contests. Scenarios films are donated to television broadcasters across Africa, translated into local languages and used as a discussion tool within communities. They are also collected on compilation DVDs and VHS cassettes for use by organizations and schools. Available in a growing range of European and African languages, the films reach tens of millions of people. Several Dutch NGOs have been involved with the programme and use Scenarios films in their work.

More than just about film, Scenarios is also a process that contributes to community development and helps local organizations respond more effectively to HIV/AIDS. As a technical partner, KIT is helping organizations make better use of the information that becomes available when thousands of young people write about HIV/AIDS. By analysing the creative stories submitted to the contests, organizations can gain a profound understanding of how young people experience the epidemic, and tailor their HIV/AIDS outreach programmes accordingly.

Scenarios from Africa:

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