Seminar: Scrutinising Success and Failure in Development

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A significant cause of failure of many well intended development interventions is a limited understanding of institutions and false assumptions about processes of social change. Furthermore, linear and technical models of development continue to be applied uncritically in situations that are characterised by complex, 'messy' and dynamic processes of social and political transformation.

The seminar will create an opportunity for deeper dialogue between leading thinkers on institutions and theories of change and development practitioners and policy makers.  The day will be an exploration of how a better understanding of institutions and theories of change can be integrated into development policy and programmes to foster greater impact.   The seminar will:
• provide an introduction to the latest thinking on institutions and theories of change,
• explore case studies from different sectors in development,
• engage participants in drawing lessons and insights for their own work,
• assess the implications for policy and capacity development.

The Seminar is being organised by the Capacity Development and Institutional Change Programme (Wageningen International) in collaboration with the Communication and Innovation Studies group (Wageningen University).

Fee: € 50, including lunch and post-seminar drinks

Scrutinising Success and Failure in Development

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The registration form can be sent by email to before 5 November 2007.

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