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Reine Kathryn Taya-Rala uit de Filippijnen zou graag zien dat ontwikkelingsorganisaties weer over gaan tot budgetsteun, zodat ook lokale organisaties programma’s kunnen uitvoeren. Militaire steun doet echter meer kwaad dan goed.

At one point, development organizations extending aid to poorer countries became a partner of governments in developing countries to support budget deficits in implementing projects aiming to alleviate poverty of majority of its population. However, at one point, governments of developing countries became dependent on the demands of aid-extending organizations on what should be done and prioritized to be accomplished. Top-down approach in aid delivery is became more of a trend than the bottom-up approach where communities and governments can say and solicit support on which sectors they needed help most.
For example, in the Philippines, a World Bank load to improve agricultural produce in the country have set already what are the programs they intend to support (fund) at the community level. However, this endeavour may have overlooked what really are the needs of people in communities to enhance their livelihoods.

Support local organizations
I highly recommend that development organizations should segregate their aid to budget support to government institutions and sector-wide support to government and non-government organizations in developing countries. In this way, non-government organizations in developing countries will have a role as well in managing and implementing programs and projects through aid extended by development organizations.
Church organizations and private enterprises can do similar work as development organizations in extending support to developing countries. It maybe through their sister churches in developing countries or private companies’ branches near or in those developing countries. This can be considered a corporate social responsibility for private companies.

No militairy assistance
Assistance intended for Military operations can do more harm than good in developing countries. It should be focused more on basic sectors as basic education, health, gender equality, poverty alleviation, and the like.

Reine Kathryn Taya-Rala is currently working with with communities in Southern Mindanao, Philippines. She is assisting them to formulate a development plan for the next ten years as a requirement by funding institutions. She took an undergraduate degree in Social Sciences in the Philippines and a postgraduate degree in Development Studies in The Netherlands. She is a member of the VoiceOver 2015 group.


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