Santa’s new home

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Santa Claus is worriedAppleMark

The snow is meltin' down

There's a hole up in the ozone

The north pole is looking brown


His rosy cheeks are tan

His belly is not so round

That red suit is much too warm now

Sweatin' off those excess pounds


It's too hot for a beard

He'll wear a red linen suit

Santa's got a brand new look

as he goes about his route


Rounding up the reindeer

Better leave before high tide

He's putting tires on the sled

Let's just hope they still can fly



He'll need a new home next Christmas

but where in the world can he go?

there's nowhere on earth quite so perfect

and no place he'll find so much snow

It's lifestyle change for Old Saint Nick

but you know he will still find a way

to bring toys to all of the children

every year on Christmas Day



Ringing those jingle bells

sending us all a warning

you won't be singing "White Christmas"

if we don't stop global warming


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