National and Regional Integrated Development Plans to Meet Most of the Millennim Development Goals

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The Model for self-financing ecological, sustainable, local integrated development projects promoted by Stichting Bakens Verzet in the Netherlands makes the drafting of fully detailed national or regional integrated development plans to meet nearly all of  the Millennium Goals quick, easy, and cheap. How quickly the plans are prepared depends on the number of people (usually students or active members of grass-roots NGOs) and the number of individual projects (about 20 for each million inhabitants) involved. The maximum period for plan preparation is about three months, the minimum period one month. Plans involving populations over 10.000.000 cost about 2.5 eurocents ( €  0.025) per person. Smaller plans involving up to 1.000.000 inhabitants may cost up to 15 eurocents  ( €  0.15) per person, depending on population spread  and the size of the project areas.

The Model is in the public domain and available for use free of charge. It can be accessed and downloaded from website . Examples of national and regional plans in English and French can be accessed from the homepage.

National and regional plans involve the drafting of individual project documentations under the Model for each area with about 50.000 inhabitants in the country or region. Their preparation has practical advantages. Authors of the individual project documentations receive direct personal hands-on training on the application of the principles behind the Model, so that they qualify to act as coordinators for the projects they have drafted. Another advantage is that the financiers of the plans, the costs of which vary from about  €  100.000 to   300.000 depending on the populations, get to know the local grass-roots NGOs involved. Successful preparation of the national or regional plan should make it easier for the same financiers to contribute to the cost of pilot projects in the poorest areas covered by the plan.

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