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[Despite our name, we normally only publish in Dutch. But we feel this message is too important to be kept away from you.]

NEWS – It's time to put our money where our mouth is. The Charlie Hebdo massacre has shocked the world. Twelve people were killed at the French satirical magazine for offending their killers by scoffing at Islam. The world responded with minutes of silence, tweets with "I am Charlie", #JeSuisCharlie, and reprints of the controversial cartoons. But in our opinion, freedom of speech and of the press transcend memorials, frontpages, and customized profile photos.

As journalists we – like our colleagues all over the world – picked up our pens: it's our weapon of choice. Journalists have shifted gear, but you too can do something. Contribute to the free press by buying a journalistic product that uses its freedom. Support a website, listen to the radio, watch a television show, buy a newspaper or subscribe to a magazine. The following media could use your support.

  1. Charlie Hebdo
    This is the satirical magazine that won't back down for anybody or anything. The attack on Charlie – which killed 12 people – dominated the global news. You can subscribe here to Charlie Hebdo. If you're French isn't good enough, you could also make a donation. Since the magazine had financial troubles, friends and readers were asked to donate. 'After all', the page states, 'there's only one Charlie Hebdo!' 
  2. Dabanga Sudan
    This online platform is the only independent medium that reports from the heart of Darfur, Sudan. Follow Dabanga on Twitter or Facebook, or add their RSS feed to your reader.

  3. Visualizing Palestine
    Visualizing Palestine creates data-driven tools to advance a factual narrative of the Palestinian-Israeli issue. They combine the expertise of designers, technologists and researchers to promote justice and equility. Follow the website or make a donation.

  4. China Geeks
    This websites tries to 'translate and analyse modern China'. At the China Geeks platform you'll find (all english) articles, essays, news and links about the country. Follow editor in chief Charlie Custor on Twitter, or bookmark the RSS feed.

  5. Dennik N
    Dennik N – which means Independent Newspaper – is a new Slovakian platform. Founded by former SME newspaper journalists, the site was born out of a flight for press freedom. Last year a doubtful financial group bought shares of the Slovakian newspaper SME. Not willing to lose their journalistic independence, some editors leave SME to start Dennik N. You can follow their reporting at the website,  Twitter or Facebook. If your Slovak isn't as good as it used to be, you could donate here.

  6. Awramba Times
    You should fear this newspaper more than ten thousand bayonets. At least, that's what the Ethiopian Review writes. They call Awramba 'the tip of the spear of press freedom, more to be feared than ten thousand bayonets.’ According to the Committee for Protection of Journalists it's the only newspaper that writes critically about the Ethiopian government. Follow founder Dawit Kebede (1980) at Twitter, or follow the newspapers Twitter account, or just check the website. (Other ways to donate or subscribe are unknown to us.)

  7. ProPublica
    ProPublica is an independent, non-profit newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest. They focus on journalism stories that shine light on exploitation of the weak by the strong. They see investigative journalism in the public interest as an integral part of self-government, and thus an important bulwark of democracy. Despite several partnerships with American media, ProPublica asks for donations.

  8. Venezuela Analysis
    Follow the Venezuala Analysis for independent journalism about the political landscape of Venezuela. Next to news and backgrounds (RSS feed) the site also offers a podcast and a newsletter. The website depends on donations.

  9. Wealth Magazine
    Congo is both one of the richest and poorest countries of the world: rich with its raw materials as diamonds, copper, and cold. Poor in its human development, ending in the second last place in the UN Human Development Index of 2013. Right now the magazine publishes its productions on the website of ZAM. They can use your help. You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, or subscribe to their newsletter. Support the magazine indirectly by donating to the ZAM Foundation. ZAM supports journalists (including Wealth Magazine editors), photographers and artists in several African countries.

  10. Dissent
    An oldie, but a goodie. Started in 1954 Dissent is a quarterly magazine of politics and ideas. The American poet and feminist Katha Pollit called the magazine "indispensable for anyone who wants to understand the strange times in which we live". Subscribe (online, offline (global shipping) or both) or donate if you appreciate Dissents work. Their on social media too: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and RSS.

  11. La Mula
    La Mula – Spanish for 'The Hinny' – gives the Peruvian public the ability to publish their own journalism products. The editors of La Mula select the best and highlight those articles on the site, Twitter and Facebook.

  12. Premium Times
    This online newspaper wants to strenghten the democracy and promote transparancy and human rights in Nigeria. Follow this newspaper on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube or RSS.

This list is anything but complete. Please feel free to add links to media you miss in the comments section.

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