Lecture: When is participatory local environmental governance likely to emerge?

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Why is local environmental governance in Brazil shaped through the collective action of many, frequently interacting actors in some municipalities, whilst in others it does not take the form of deliberative and inclusive decision-making? I address this question by zooming in on the Conselhos Municipais de Meio Ambiente. Through multivariate logistical regression (n=5,202), I show that a large business community, combined with “small local government” adds significantly to the likelihood of finding participatory forms of solving environmental problems in a municipality, especially when communities have learned from prior experience with participatory policymaking in other areas. Through multivariate linear regression (n=1,365), I establish that depth and breadth of participatory environmental governance processes increase when, amongst other things, people have previous experience with other types of participatory councils, and when there are fewer local government officials per capita.

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