Jharkhand, India: When collective voices result in action

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WaterAid has been working with Sathee, an NGO to empower these communities to understand and access their social entitlements such as employment, food, education, health and water and sanitation through the Citizens’ Action programme. Approaches include selection and training of cadres from the community, arming the trained teams and community with information relating to their entitlements and building up their confidence so that they can demand them.

Highlights from findings

The community shared its findings with the officials:
a) Only 356 household latrines had been constructed for 3,717 families in 56 villages spread across three blocks of the district under the Total Sanitation Campaign (TSC), the flagship sanitation programme of the government.
b) Of the 238 handpumps installed in these villages, 90 were dysfunctional.
c) Only seven sanitary complexes had been constructed in schools, and these were without proper handwashing facilities.
d) Information and education to stimulate behaviour change had been restricted to wall paintings which have little impact.

See for more: http://www.irc.nl/page/49636

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