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OneWorld’s investigative journalism has managed to attract international media and political attention several times in the past. This serves as a strong confirmation that the subjects we choose to focus on in our journalistic research are relevant and of international importance. OneWorld strives to uphold these values as it is a core objective to maintain a global perspective and appeal to a community that is interested in news from around the world. Here you can read a short overview of our international acclaim:

Eritrean intimidation in the European media

The Guardian mentioned OneWorld’s investigation into Eritrean translators who could be linked to the dictatorial regime of Eritrea, and the intimidation by the Eritrean diaspora community which followed after publishing. This story was in fact widely picked up by media throughout Europe, such as the Swiss media who even reported that questions had been raised in the Swiss parliament about this issue. Also the Italian radio made an item on Eritrean translators and their ties to the Eritrean dictatorial party. Even the Eritrean opposition reported on the matter.

Questions in the German parliament

In September 2015 the German Radio Bremen broadcasted on a co-investigation, with Dutch public radio Argos and OneWorld, on a co-investigation into the death of Kahsay Mekonen, an Eritrean asylum seeker who was found dead under mysterious circumstances in Germany. In response to this broadcast questions were posed in the German parliament about the case of Mekonen’s death, and why it was so easily discarded as a suicide.

Media attention in Ghana

In 2012 OneWorld published a story on child sex tourism in Ghana, which has been translated by the African news agency Talk Afrique. This story has been awarded the prize for most in-depth investigative journalism by the Dutch association of investigative journalists in 2013. The media in Ghana have also extensively reported on this publication, for instance this publication by their main radio station.

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