Het Afrikaanse antwoord op de bootvluchtelingen

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Het Afrikaanse antwoord op de Europese bootvluchtelingencrisis, komt van de Senegalese schrijfster Fatou Diomé. Tegelijk met de Nederlandse schrijver Thierry Baudet, schoof Diomé vorige week aan bij een Frans praatprogramma om te spreken over het vluchtelingendrama op de Middellandse Zee. Dat leverde een vurig betoog op.

Het blog Africa is a Country en de wereldwijde nieuwsgemeenschap AJ+ vertaalde enkele pittige quotes van Diomé vanuit het Frans naar het Engels:

  • "These people whose bodies are washing up on these shores, if they were white, the whole Earth would be shaking now. But when Blacks and Arabs die, their lives are considered worthless."
  • "If [Europe] wanted to save the migrants in the Atlantic or the Mediterranean, we would do it. But they wait until the migrants die. It's as if letting them drown is used as a deterrent to prevent migrants from coming to Europe. But let me tell you something: that doesn't deter anyone."
  • "You will not remain little goldfish in the European fortress. The current crisis tells us that much. Europe can no longer close itself as long as there are conflicts elsewhere around the world."
  • The Schengen visa gives me the opportunity to be invited to give talks in your universities, but it bothers you that my brother wants to come to Europe to work in construction. But you cannot divide the migrants between the useful ones and the poisonous ones."

  • "You see in the headline the flow of African migrants arriving in Europe, but you don’t speak of the Europeans going to Africa. That’s the free flow of the powerful, the ones who have the money and the right kind of passports. Stop the hypocrisy. We will all be rich together, or all perish together."

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